antigonika comes out from antigoni and karakoulli which is the name of the founder. Later one while people spell the name, they were emphasizing the word 'Nika". 

Nika is a female given name of Persian origin "Nik" meaning "Good" and also "pure crystal water"  also means: "victory", from nikē (νίκη). 

Antigoni Karakoulli has a Bachelor Degree in Advertising design, along with a Master Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston of England graduated in 2011. She gained a Professional Diploma in Marketing Management and Digital Marketing. She has more than 9  years of experience working in a multiple of industries such as:

  • Advertising,

  • Corporate,

  • Marketing,

  • Retail & Eshop,

  • Publishing Agency,

  • Aviation,

  • Forex & Binary,

  • Event Design & Planning 

On September 2019, Antigoni Karakoulli decided to be independent and started her own creative media agency located in Limassol, with more than 9 years experience in graphic design and digital marketing, she provides services such as branding, brochures for corporate purpose or any collateral you need, event exhibition booths or design, digital marketing such as social media design, management and advertising and email campaigns, and website design.

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