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Antigoni Karakoulli has a Bachelor Degree in Advertising design, along with a Master Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston of England graduated in 2011. She gained a Professional Diploma in Marketing Management and Digital Marketing. After spending times in the industries of print, advertising and publishing media, aviation, event design and planning, digital media, she landed on starting her own media agency specializing corporate design, social media content and planning, email marketing campaign and event design and management. 


antigonika comes out from antigoni and karakoulli which is the name of the founder. Later one while people spell the name, they were emphasizing the word 'Nika". 

Nika is a female given name of Persian origin "Nik" meaning "Good" and also "pure crystal water"  also means: "victory", from nikē (νίκη). 


Between 2015 until 2017, she was a Co-Founder and a Creative Director of Unique Projects: a team of young professionals combining collective creativity and business acumen. Their scope was to create inspiring ideas and delivered unique projects to like-minded individuals ranging from photo exhibitions to red carpet events and themed booklets. 


On September 2019, Antigoni Karakoulli and her expertise in design and digital marketing started her own creative media agency located in Limassol, providing graphic design, website design, digital marketing, branding, and design consultancy services.